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    Oslo Imam Ali (as) Center statement on the Paris terrorist attacks

    Tuesday 24 November
    Statement of Imam Ali (as) Islamic Centre, Oslo
    Statement of Imam Ali (as) Islamic Centre, Oslo

    It has been over 70 years, since the United Nations was established . And more than 68 years, since the universal declaration of human rights was ratified in 1948. All these efforts aim to build a better standard of life for human kind in a world with less violence, discrimination, murder, torture and harm.

    However, what we have now is a world of massive violations committed by individuals, groups, governments and religious extremists. You hear always bad news on suffering of  some humans somewhere in the world. Genocide of muslims in Myanmar, massacre in Afghanistan, explosions in Pakistan, conflicts in Yemen, long-lasting war in Iraq, crisis in Syria , almost 70-year conflict of Palestine and Israel,  murder of civilians in Lebanon, chaos in Nigeria and Mali, 9/11 in US, bombing in London, the flood of refugees, end up dead while escaping from war in their home country and the most recent one, a tragedy in Paris where innocent people from all over got killed.

    The thing that all these disasters have in common are: loss of human lives, homeless people, and domination of the feeling of fear and insecurity in human societies.

    It seems that politicians and influentials have a heavier duty regarding today’s disasters. They should work worldwide on supporting education for all generations as well as  providing reliable assurances, for at no one can easily play with other people’s life and bring misery to humans life.

    The biggest issue in our time is ignorance. The ignorance in politics results in emerging of dictators, who have caused large-scales wars around the world. And the combination of ignorance and religion ends in inexpressible violences.

    If some kill others in the name of Islam, their “holy ignorance” must be hated and they must be considered excluded from both Islam and humanity.

    Islam is a religion, which in its Holy Book, Quran, killing an innocent man is the same as killing all human beings. At the time of prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and Imam Ali (AS) all the believers used to live peacefully together. Imam Ali (AS) mentions explicitly in one of his letters of advice, written to one of his governors, that people are of two kinds: those who are the same as you in beliefs and those who are the same as you in kind and both must be respected.

    Consequently, Imam Ali(AS) center in Oslo condemns all actions against innocent civilians , wherever in world in Myanmar, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon, New York and Paris. In addition, this center declares that none of these actions  are acceptable or justifiable neither according to Islam nor humans consciousness.  This center on behalf of its members also expresses sincere condolence and sympathy with the families of those who have lost their lives in the recent tragic attacks in Paris.

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