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    Quran recitation
    Imam Ali center have weakly reciting cessions. In these meetings, we recite Quran in group with help of a professional qari. In addition, we read the translation in Farsi and Mr. Islami (in Farsi) will interpret the part that have been red. These sessions are open to public.
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    persian language courses
    The Oslo Imam Ali (a.s.) offers high quality Persian language courses for children and youth. We invite all parents to use this golden opportunity to familiarize their children’s with Persian literature and culture.
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  • Friday 12 March 07:15 PM , Du’a Kumayl
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    Tragedy at Hajj Memorial Service

    Thursday 8 October
    Tragedy at Hajj Memorial Service
    Tragedy at Hajj Memorial Service

    The Oslo Imam Ali Center (IAC) will hold a memorial service for the innocent victims of this year’s Hajj tragedies and sympthy with their families and relatives on Thursday October 8st simultaneously with Du’a Kumayl. This program begins after Maghrib / Isha prayer at 19:00 pm.

    As is known, during this year’s Hajj in Mecca and on Eid Ghorban when pilgrims were headed to the ritual “stoning of the devil” at Mina, thousands of lives were lost as a result of overcrowding.

    During this year’s Hajj in Mecca, thousands of people were killed in the crush during the symbolic stoning of the devil at Mina, the worst tragedy during the hajj for 25 years. The tragedy occurred on Sept. 24, when large crowds of pilgrims converged on streets with few exits in a tent city in Mina. According to Iranian officials, at least 464 Iranians have lost their lives in the incident, while 150 others have been wounded.

    The Oslo Imam Ali Center (IAC) extends its heartfelt condolences to the Imam Mahdi (as) and to all the Muslims around the world, particularly the families of those lost in this tragedy. We ask Almighty Allah (swt) to elevate their status and give patience to their families.

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