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    Quran recitation
    Imam Ali center have weakly reciting cessions. In these meetings, we recite Quran in group with help of a professional qari. In addition, we read the translation in Farsi and Mr. Islami (in Farsi) will interpret the part that have been red. These sessions are open to public.
    More info here
    persian language courses
    The Oslo Imam Ali (a.s.) offers high quality Persian language courses for children and youth. We invite all parents to use this golden opportunity to familiarize their children’s with Persian literature and culture.
    For more information see Persian courses page
    Event calendar
  • Friday 12 March 07:15 PM , Du’a Kumayl
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    LIVE broadcasting poll

    Saturday 3 October
    Live broadcasting poll
    Live broadcasting poll

    We have been asked for a long time to start live-streaming of of our programs. Obtaining feedback from you is vital to the review this process. We would appreciate your taking the time to complete the followin doodle poll. It should take about 1 minutes of your time.
    Please participate in the doodle poll
    If you have any questions about the survey, please email us: admin@imamali.no

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