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    Quran recitation
    Imam Ali center have weakly reciting cessions. In these meetings, we recite Quran in group with help of a professional qari. In addition, we read the translation in Farsi and Mr. Islami (in Farsi) will interpret the part that have been red. These sessions are open to public.
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    persian language courses
    The Oslo Imam Ali (a.s.) offers high quality Persian language courses for children and youth. We invite all parents to use this golden opportunity to familiarize their children’s with Persian literature and culture.
    For more information see Persian courses page
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  • Friday 12 March 07:15 PM , Du’a Kumayl
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    Norwegian marriage

    Thursday 10 September
    Marriage registration
    Marriage registration

    The Oslo Imam Ali (a.s.) Centre has been granted a license from the Norwegian authorities to implement civil marriage. To enter into marriage or marriage is a public act that can happen bourgeois or ecclesiastical. An approved marriage person must declare that the marriage is valid. Parties can say YES to each other with only witnesses present. The Oslo Imam Ali (a.s.) Centre only implement between a woman and a man.
    Procedure for implementation of Norwegian marriage:
    The parties to marry must complete the form ” Bridal declaration ”
    Parties must have two witnesses, and they must complete the form “Witness Statement”
    Changing your name? Fill in the “change of name form”.
    The forms must be signed and delivered to your local tax office. The Tax Administration will review the application and issue the “Testing Certificate”, which demonstrates that you fulfil the conditions for entering into marriage. This certificate is valid for 4 months. Please note that, the National Registry will check whether you meet the conditions for entering into marriage and that has nothing to do with the Oslo Imam Ali (a.s.) Centre.
    After you have received the Testing Certificate in the post, you can visit us along with valid identification (Passport / Driving license / Bank Card), and we will implement Norwegian marriage.
    We sign the Testing Certificate and will send documents to the Tax Administration within three days after the marriage has been entered into.
    Find your local Tax Administration office.
    Key points:
    Have you been married before? A declaration concerning division must then be completed
    Foreign citizens
    A foreign citizen who is not permanently resident in Norway must provide a certificate from the home country, or alternatively the most recent country of residence, showing that there is no impediment to him or her entering into marriage in Norway. In addition, citizens from countries outside the Nordic region must present documentation (only in norwegian) which shows that they are legally resident in Norway (only in norwegian). The documentation must consist of original documents or copies certified by a Norwegian public authority

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